OPEN DAILY: 5 PM - 11:00 PM , Later if there is a crowd!

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Street works and Food truck venue


After our catastrophic fire, we're excited to offer a reimagined "Goose" as an outdoor venue serving cold beer, wine, and cocktails!


EVENTS & Live music

Weather permitting

August 26: Russ Chapman 6 - 8 pm

August 27: The Teccas 8 - 10 pm

August 28: Rachel Cole 7 - 9 pm

August 29: Ezekiel Morphis 8 - 10 pm

August 30: Micah Pittenger 7 - 9 pm

August 31: Jack Ooster 7 - 9 pm

September 1: Cleo Toll from Double Wide Dreams 8 - 10 pm

September 2: Ryan Little Eagle 6 - 8 pm

September 3: Siler Head 7 - 9 pm

September 5: Taylor Burlage 7 - 9 pm

September 7: Dan Dubuque 8 - 10 pm

September 8: Justin "JJ" Jones 7 - 9 pm

September 9: Sage Barrett & Shaky Hank

Interested in playing at the Goose?

Email us at

2022 BANDS

Shawn Swain & Torrin Daniels of Kitchen Dwellers - Henry Pepin - Weston Lewis - Juice Box Band - North Fork Crossing - Matt Wallin - Elijah Starkey - Glorieta Pines - Cole Decker - Tyler James & Kali Armstrong - Alex Driskell - Chris Acker & The Growing Boys - Paul Kupfer - Karyn Ann - Cayden Agre - Nate Turner - Eric Holder - Eva Via

Pure Prairie League at Arch Park

Daily : 5 pm - 11:00 pm

Later if there is a crowd!

Weather Permitting

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Address 206 Park Street, Gardiner, MT 59030



Food Truck Hours are independent of bar hours


Chicago Style Hot Dogs

Open Daily: Noon - 10 PM

Serving Montana Made Wilcoxson's Ice Cream



Current Flavor List

  • Huckleberry
  • Mango Sorbet
    • Dairy free & egg free!
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Stuck in a Rut
  • Buffalo Chip
  • Cream & Coffee Fudge
  • Chocolate Runs Thru It
  • Montana Moose Moss
  • Moose Tracks
  • Graham Slam
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Sea Salt Caramel Truffle






2 scoops

3 scoops



waffle cone

+ $1


Pick your flavoR








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Address 206 Park Street, Gardiner, MT 59030

Open Daily: 6 am - 2 pm

Coffee kiosk serving Montana hospitality with Yellowstone views. We source local for our coffee shop! House made and locally sourced Baked Goods. Gourmet coffee that is roasted in Paradise Valley!

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Telephone 406.223.0507

Address 107 2nd Street, Gardiner, MT 59030

Sagebrushers & Savages is all about fresh locally sourced ingredients being transformed into delicious take out fare. Try our popular bacon cheddar burger and our fresh hand-cut fries with our signature fry sauce, or our breakfast burrito that is served all day. Enjoy the beautiful view of Yellowstone National Park while dining at our outdoor seating area or grab it to go while you tour around the park and Gardiner Montana.

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Telephone 913.927.1346

Address 107 2nd Street, Gardiner, MT 59030

Local Advice

Serving up advice, paninis and smoothies all summer long!

May 2023 Hours


9 am - 2:30 pm

Address 107 2nd Street, Gardiner, MT 59030

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Chicago Style Hot Dogs

Now Open!

Serving Vienna Beef Chicago Style Hot Dogs!

Address 107 2nd Street, Gardiner, MT 59030

Now Open!

Beekeepers in Paradise Valley, Montana

Making Honey, Jams, Jellies, Soaps, Lotions and More!



Address 206 Park Street, Gardiner, MT 59030


The Curtis family has owned and operated the Goose since 1996, but the Goose has existed long before we came into its story! It was only in 1996 when "Red" was added to the name, after Red Curtis, and his wife Rosella, known as Rosie, came to town.

Red and Rosie were highschool sweethearts, they reunited when Red returned from the war. Originally from Oklahoma, they found their way to Montana when Red began working for the Northern Pacific Railroad. In the summer months, Red would run the passenger train from Livingston to Gardiner bringing tourists to Yellowstone.

Throughout the years with their son Chuck, the three would enjoy their summers camping and fly fishing their way through Canada, The Northwest Territories, and Yellowstone.

It was not until 1996 when Red and Rosie purchased the Goose. At the same time, Chuck and his wife Lisa purchased the two adjacent buildings, which became Rosie's Bistro and Rosie's Roost, a rooftop bar overlooking Yellowstone. As the years went on they acquired the Two Bit Saloon, and the surrounding buildings that housed Two Bit City and Yellowstone Raft Company.

Red and Rosie have since passed, but live on in our hearts and memories. Chuck and Lisa went on to have five kids and two grandkids who help run the business today. We are proudly 3 generations owned and operated.

On July 14, 2020, a devastating fire began in the Two-Bit Saloon. The fire quickly engulfed the building comprised of the Saloon, Dance Hall, Two-Bit City, and Yellowstone Raft Company. A south wind that day led the fire to jump the alley, igniting Rosie’s and our apartment above Rosie's. Despite the efforts from our local volunteer firefighters, it was soon apparent that the fire could not be contained. In a bid to save the rest of the block, the Goose took it for the town when a bulldozer was driven through the front door of the Goose to create a fire break. This maneuver was successful. While the loss of our establishments have left a scar on Gardiner, we are beyond grateful that no one was hurt.

Well we don't yet know what's next for us, we welcome you to come visit us at our new outdoor venue in Gardiner, MT!